I am an Information & Data Security Specialist with over 10 years of network and information systems experience. I am looking after the network and servers for all current Television and Feature Film productions running in all major Film and Television Studios around London making sure all services are running smoothly and there are no production delays due to network or server downtime. I am also responsible to monitor and fix security vulnerabilities on all the servers and network equipment daily to meet the latest Cyber Security Standards.

Colleagues know me as a highly creative network administrator who can always be trusted to come up with a new approach. But I know that the client's business comes first, and I never try to impose my ideas on others. Instead, I spend a lot of time understanding the business and the audience before suggesting ideas. I can (and often do) work well alone, but I'm at my best collaborating with others.

I have a MSc in Network & Data Communications from Kingston University London, UK and a BSc (Hons) in Business Information Systems from the University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK.

Some of my key skills include but are not limited to:

  • Configuration & Troubleshooting of Cisco, Fortinet, HP Enterprise (Aruba), Ubiquiti, Mikrotik, Juniper and Huawei network devices (Firewalls, Routers, Switches, WiFi Controllers, etc.)
  • Configuration & Troubleshooting of IPSec and SSL VPN tunnels (Hardware & Software)
  • Design, Configuration and Deployment of Ad-Hoc Networks and Internet on locations where landlines/mobile data coverage is low or non-existent using multiple satellites as load balancers
  • Configuration and Deployment of Debian (Linux) based storage servers capable of delivering transfer rates of 40Gbps over the network and storage capacities of more than 200TB
  • Configuration & Troubleshooting of various routing protocols including BGP
  • Excellent research skills that allow new technologies to be studied tested and ultimately deployed as part of the core business IT Solutions
  • Excellent documentation skills that allow accurate and fast data acquisition for troubleshooting and allow future planning, re-designing and expansion of an existing solution
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